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Hotel Arrayanes Playa is located in Granada’s Tropical Coast, next to the Almuñécar Seafront. Just a few metres from the beaches of San Cristóbal and Cotobro and just 20 minutes by foot from the old-quarters of the city, you can easily get to any part of the area.

Almuñécar’s delightful climate, with a nice temperature all year round, is located at the feet of a tropical valley, along with Granada’s mountain range and faces the Mediterranean Sea. It guarantees a favourable environment for the customers of Hotel Arrayanes Playa where they can enjoy the natural wonder of the area, its cultural heritage, its rich gastronomy, a skiing trip in Sierra Nevada, nautical sports like sailing, diving, or adventure sports like paragliding and hiking. Also definitely worth a visit is the Alhambra de Granada or the Picasso Museum in Málaga. Enjoy a beautiful sunset beside the sea along with much more in Granada.

How to get to the Hotel

By car

We are located at Paseo Cotobro, 5 (Almuñécar, Granada).

By plane

To get to Almuñécar by plane, there are two possibilities: via Málaga or via Granada. Málaga airport is the biggest of the two with flight connections practically all over Europe and Spain. When you get to the airport, you should take the following directions on the motorway.

  • Málaga Airport is 88 km from Almuñécar, approximately 1 hour on the A-7.
  • Granada Airport is about 100 km from Almuñécar, 1 hour 15 minutes on the A-44.

For the journey from either of the airports to Almuñécar we recommend car rental [link to subsection “by rental car”] which would be very useful for moving about the area comfortably without having to depend on public transport.

By bus

If you prefer to come to Almuñécar by bus, there are many options in Spain. The city on Granada’s coast avails of a useful bus station. For example, the journey from Madrid to Almuñécar is carried out by Alsa, it takes 6 hours 30 minutes and approximately costs €40. To consult the companies that have connections between your city and Almuñécar, prices and timetables, visit

By train

Another option to get to Almuñécar is by train. Although there is no train station in the city, this is the fastest and most comfortable option. If you should choose this means of transport, it would mean travelling to Granada or Málaga and afterwards taking a bus or a (rental) car to Almuñécar (see more information above). If you would like to reserve a train ticket, visit:

By rental car

As we have already indicated, this option is highly recommended for your comfort and the freedom it brings to travel about the area as you desire. If you decide to rent a car, this webpage could be of use:

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